Building Flavor – Enhancing the Finished Product

When we really enjoy a dish it is often because the flavor is memorable and finishes on the back of our palate giving a ‘wow’ factor. Sauces are especially important to have this finish on the palate to get the most from the taste. This can be easily accomplished using the right products and techniques. Here are some key elements for creating an exciting flavor profile in your finished dishes. Learn these and many other techniques in a hands-on class. 

Reduction and Concentration – enhances the product flavor naturally
  • Stocks reduced by at least half or even more (demi-glace and glace) are often the base of wonderful sauces. Reduction deepens and enriches the flavor profile
  • Juices or vinegar reduced by at least half or to syrup. Intensifies the primary flavor and consitency
  • Avoid products with salt because they will become too salty after being reduced


Condiments – add flavor elements that compliment the dish
  • Compound butters – softened butter flavor added -herbs, mustard, fruit
  • Flavored mustard
  • Chutneys and relishes
  • Juice from vegetables and fruits
  • Puree of fruit and vegetables
  • Coulis (sauce) from fruit extraction
  • Herb / spice infused vinegar
  • Herb / spice infused oils
  • Herb / spice infused juices
  • Aromatic infused stocks (e.g., court bouillon)
Rubs, Marinades and Maceration
  • Dry spice rubs – stores well for longer periods
  • Wet spice rubs – refrigerate for storage
  • Apply rubs to products – ahead of cooking for up to a few hours or overnight
  • Submerge in flavorful liquid – multiple hours based on product density and size
  • Brining – great for tenderizing and retaining moistness after cooking
  • Pickling – quick method adds great flavor, store in refrigerator

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