Enhance Recipes with Finishing Flavors 

Bring ‘restaurant quality’ results to your dishes using simple flavor boosting techniques. Choosing special finishing flavor touches for your dishes will enhance them, make them more exciting and adds your secret touch to the result. I especially like to ‘repurpose’ flavorful by-products from cooking. Roasted peppers produce a very flavorful fat-free juice that I always save to use in sauce or pesto in place of oil. Degreasing and deglazing pans used for saute, searing or roasting is the beginning of a great sauce. These are a few items you should have on hand to add flavor to your everyday cooking. 

Aromatics, Seasonings and Spices
  • Herbs – fresh, dried, paste and oils
  • Spices – store whole, toast and grind as used
  • Aromatics – from Lily family: shallots, leeks, onion, garlic
  • Hot peppers
  • Sweet peppers  
Acidic Ingredients – brings flavor finish to the back of palette
  • vinegar – balsamic, fruit, malt, rice, cider
  • citrus – juice, zest or whole peel
  • Middle Eastern products – pomegranate molasses, tamarind, sumac
 Flavorful Liquids – Usually a better choice than water
  • Stocks
  • Alcohol – wine, liqueurs, beer, cognac, rum, brandy
  • Juices – fruit and vegetable
Condiments – Easy Way to bump up flavors 
  • Hot flavorings – horseradish, wasabi, ginger
  • Tart flavorings – mustards, pickles, relishes, olives, salsas, ketchup, chutneys
  • Infused Oils and Vinegars
Re-use and Recycle – If it has flavor, USE IT!
  • Reuse flavorful by-products from cooking – e.g., juices from cooked vegetables are an excellent flavor enhancer for sauces
  • Recycle flavorful liquids and ingredients – e.g., bones from stock can be recycled to make a secondary stock (remouillage) that can be used in place of water when making stock. This will produce a more robust stock.

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