napa Valley – Wild Fire Recovery

Greetings from CasaLana –

Napa Valley is ready to welcome you!  I am greatly relieved to share with you that CasaLana and downtown Calistoga were spared from the recent wildfires. My heart breaks for those that lost lives, homes, and jobs or suffered any destruction from the wind and fires. Napa Valley and Calistoga were fortunate due to the amazing efforts of First Responders from many agencies, states and even other countries. I am humbled and emotional seeing the footage of what they endured to keep us safe. There are some incredible videos that cover the events of the fires and the far reaching impact.

This post is to let you know that CasaLana and Gourmet Retreats are OPEN for business. Calistoga and Napa Valley are largely unscathed by the fires. Driving from Napa to Calistoga you literally see no evidence of the devastation we all saw on the news when the fires were active. A few weeks later the hillsides are already showing new growth and Napa Valley is beautiful as always.Photos below from Karen Schuppert and Tim Carl show the current beauty of the valley.

Tourism is the livelihood of most of us in the Valley; we need your support now more than ever. I hope you will plan a trip soon to visit some wineries, book spa appointments, cooking classes and of course lodging. We will all be very grateful for your support.

Check and for up to date information and events for planning your visit.

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