I am happy to report that this has truly been a bumper crop year for the garden at CasaLana. Lettuces were spectacular, greens are showing their ‘fall’ vigor.

It’s early November and I still have lots of delicious tomatoes and peppers to use fresh for a couple more weeks. They will be preserved by dehydrating, oven-roasting, pickling and making sauces to can or freeze.

The process of dehydrating is very easy and takes about 24 – 30 hours of drying time. I use a standard dehydrator but it can also be done in the oven if your oven gets to a low temp of 140°. Depending on the size of the tomato, slice or halve them and arrange on drying pans.

Pickling is also a great way to preserve cherry tomatoes. Poke them with a toothpick or skewer before placing in your sterilized jar so they won’t float when you add the liquid. Pour hot pickling liquid over (sugar, water, vinegar and spices if you like). I keep in the refrigerator so a water-bath isn’t necessary.

Call to schedule class for yourself or with friends to learn about preserving the best of your summer garden.

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