The early signs of an abundant garden harvest are evident.The summer bounty of fresh vegetables is in full swing at Gourmet Retreats and is being used in classes. It is beginning of June and there are already ripe tomatoes (cherry type), lots of green larger variety tomatoes, plenty of squash, peppers and lettuces. What a joy to walk to the garden and select items for classes.

Even after removing thousands of volunteer tomatillos there is still an over-abundance. They will be transformed to Salsa Verde when they’re ripe.

tomatillos soon to be salsa verde

Check out the garden photos on the Facebook page –

Fruit trees are loaded too. Apricots are almost ready to harvest, Santa Rosa plums will be soon after. Students will soon be able to harvest to use in class recipes. Harvested blueberries this morning to use for breakfast – they are so sweet right off the bush, many don’t make it to the kitchen. Finally I have kiwi on the vines I’ve had planted for years. I have 2 female and 1 male. Seems they finally decided they like each other and made some babies.

The Golden Delicious apple tree is heavy with fruit. Looks like it will time for Apple Butter and / or Chutney. Also easy to slice and dehydrate. Check out the Alton Brown dehydrator and recipe on Food Network. Easy to make, perfect for preserving the flavors of summer.

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